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WWE Summer Slam 2022

WWE SummerSlam 2022: Results, Live Updates and Match Ratings

Roman Reigns' final clash with Brock Lesnar was an insane spectacle that befitted their storied rivalry. After an absolutely bananas Last Man Standing match -- which saw a failed cash in by Theory, Paul Heyman F5'd through a table and the entire ring being scooped up by a giant tractor -- Reigns buried Lesnar underneath the announcer's table and steel steps to be the Last Man Standing and retain his WWE Universal Championship.

Halfway through Lesnar's entrance, he began to walk back up the ramp. He put on his farmer's flannel and cowboy hat, then got in a gigantic tractor which he drove to the ring. Lesnar introduced himself from the top of the tractor, then began the match by leaping off the top of it on to Reigns. Incredible scenes.

Lesnar and Reigns immediately started brawling on the outside, going through the crowd and onto part of the stadium's staging. On the way back to the ring, Lesnar setup a table which, after a distraction from Paul Heyman, Reigns Samoan Dropped him through. That cut up Lesnar's back, which began to bleed. Reigns then setup another table and slammed Lesnar through it with a Uranage. 

Inside the ring, Reigns hit two Superman Punches and a big Spear -- the first of many Spears of the night -- but that didn't keep Lesnar down for long. Lesnar made his comeback, which after a few gnarly slams outside involved putting Reigns in the front loader of the tractor and dumping him in the ring. Again: Incredible. After a few German Suplexes, Lesnar lands an F5, but Reigns gets up at 9.

Lesnar attempted another F5, but Reigns countered into a Guillotine. Lesnar powered out and locked in a Guillotine of his own, which Reigns briefly passed out from. Lesnar got another 9 count. 

In maybe the greatest moment of their illustrious feud, Lesnar got back in the tractor and rammed it repetitively into the ring. He then used the tractor to scoop the ring up, causing Reigns to tumble down like the ring was a steep slide. It was amazing.

The Usos hit the ringside, but Lesnar quickly disposed of both with Belly to Belly suplexes by the ring. Paul Heyman interjected again, so Lesnar F5'd him through a freaking table. Reigns then blitzed a distracted Lesnar with a Spear.

Theory's music hit and he ran to the ring, knocking Reigns with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Before he could officially cash it in though, Lesnar F5'd him on the briefcase. The Usos then clock Lesnar with a double Superkick, and Reigns lands a big Spear for another 9 count. Reigns got Theory's briefcase and battered Lesnar with it for another 9. Reigns grabbed the WWE Championship and smashed Lesnar with it -- another 9 count. 

Finally, Reigns gets the Universal Championship and hits Lesnar with it. Then, with the ref still counting, he and The Usos stack the announcer's table debris and the steel steps on top of Lesnar. Buried under it all, Lesnar couldn't make the count. 

It didn't make sense that the ref would keep counting as Reigns and the Usos kept dumping stuff on Lesnar, but hey, gotta keep The Beast down someway somehow. Reigns did a fantastic job in this final stretch -- every time he knocked Lesnar down, he sold like he was terrified that Lesnar would get back up. Great drama, great match.

Rating: 4.75 stars. The WrestleMania 38 main event match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar was underwhelming. It's a good thing, then, that these two got to have this match at SummerSlam. It's arguably their best, and certainly the most spectacular. 

Reigns and Lesnar have had an incredible rivalry over the past seven years -- the best thing to say about this match is that it was a fitting end to what will no doubt be one of the most celebrated WWE rivalries ever. 

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