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Coccinelle: Google Doodle celebrates French entertainer and LGBT+ pioneer Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy


Coccinelle: Google Doodle celebrates French entertainer and LGBT+ pioneer Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy

Biography: This woman, after converting, has left her mark in history for being the first media transsexual, besides being a singer, magazine star and transsexual icon. This man named Jacques-Charles Dufresnoy has changed his name to Jacqueline-Charlotte Dufresnoy.

Coccinelle made her debut in 1953 at "Chez Madame Arthur", with a song by Danielle Darrieux taken from the movie "Premier rendez-vous". She has lived most of her life in Marseille, until she was 17 years old she was male, but when she finished school at 15 she was taken on a job as a hairdresser, later becoming a cabaret singer. Until his activities were interrupted when in June 1953 he was called up for military service, although he had already started hormonal treatment. Until the long-awaited moment finally arrives, when in 1958, in Morocco, he undergoes surgery in which he undergoes a vaginoplasty, and fame knocks on his door, because although he has not been the first transsexual to undergo surgery, but the first with world fame. At first, she called herself Jacqueline-Charlotte Dufresnoy, and later adopted the pseudonym that made her popular, "Coccinelle". When she already has a little more funds that she can freely dispose of, she founds an association called "Devenir Femme", which had the objective of helping people who want to change their sex. She has shared the stage with great personalities of the time in France, such as Edith Piaf, and has even performed at the Olympia in Paris and at El Casino.

With regard to her love life, this beautiful woman, by the way, has been married three times, in 1960, 1963 and 1996. Coccinelle caused a great impact in Spain in the mid-1960s, performing in Pasapoga, a well-known dance hall. parties on Madrid's Gran Vía, being the only one that filled the premises and sold out the seats. It was her golden age, when she circulated around Madrid in a convertible sports car at the height of the Franco era. She would return at the end of the 70s, but without registering as much success as in her first stay in the country. She has made numerous theatrical tours, and in Buenos Aires she has done a review in El Nacional.

She has also recorded albums and participated in films such as "Nuit D'Europe", "Interpol Attack", "Les Dons Juans sur la côte d'Azur" and "Los viciosos". Four books have also been written about her: "Coccinelle es el", by Mario A. Costa in 1963, "Los Travestis", by Jacques-Louis Delpal in 1974; "Coccinelle por Coccinelle", her autobiography, and finally in 2001 comes "Montmartre Beaux jours... et belle de Nuit", by Jacqueline Strahm.

She died on October 9, 2006 in Marseille, at the age of 75, after spending several months hospitalized due to a stroke.

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