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"It's a joke": Elon Musk retracts and affirms that he will not buy Manchester United


"It's a joke": Elon Musk retracts and affirms that he will not buy Manchester United

The tycoon Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, clarified on Tuesday that he did not intend to take over any football club after a tweet of his went viral assuring that he was going to buy Manchester United.

The businessman, used to giving unpredictable and provocative statements on the social network, had tweeted: "And I'll buy Manchester United, you're welcome."

Immediately there was a stir on the networks about whether the richest man in the world was serious or not.

And finally, after getting almost 500,000 likes in a matter of hours and questions from numerous followers, Musk clarified that it was a joke.

 "No, it's an old joke on Twitter. I'm not going to buy any sports club," he replied to a user's question. "However, if there was any team, it would be Manchester United. They were my favorite team from childhood," he added. 

Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world but has been in crisis for a few years. For 10 years it has been listed in New York, with a market capitalization of 2,080 million dollars, below the value of a year ago.

Although no shareholder has a majority stake, the club is controlled by the six sons of American businessman Malcolm Glazer, who died in 2014 after taking over the company in 2005.

The management was the subject of strong protests in April last year by the club's supporters, when they tried to participate in a breakaway plan from the European Super League, which was ultimately scrapped.

The Red Devils wanted, together with five other English, three Spanish and three Italian clubs, to create a European competition that would rival the Champions League, an initiative that provoked strong political and sporting protests and from their own fans.

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