c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Concern grows for Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi.
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Concern grows for Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi.

After participating in Seoul without wearing a hijab, concern grows for Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi. She had competed without a veil: Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi disappeared.

Elnaz Rekabi, an Iranian athlete, has not been in contact with her family since the completion of the climbing competition in Seoul, which she competed in without wearing the veil or the arm coverings that are required of all Iranian athletes. She might have been moved to Tehran's Evin jail.


According to the BBC, Elnaz Rekabi's family is concerned about her whereabouts because they haven't heard anything about her since she left for the Asian Climbing Championship, which was held in Seoul, South Korea. Elnaz Rekabi is an Iranian athlete.

Elnaz Rekabi competed in the tournament without her veil in support of the Iranian women's protests that erupted after the young Mahsa Amini was slain by the morality police for wearing a poorly-fastened veil. However, Iranian sportswomen have been required to wear it for more than 40 years, along with a dress that covers their arms and legs.

However, the athlete's family members have not heard from her since Monday, October 17, just after her performance, when she claimed to be with an Iranian government official.

According to reports, her phone was taken away. The Iranian embassy in Seoul confirmed on Tuesday that she had left and returned to Tehran. Elnaz Rekabi left Seoul for Iran on Tuesday morning following the conclusion of the Asian Climbing Championships, according to a statement released. All untrue claims and fabrications circulating around Elnaz Rekabi are categorically denied by the Iranian Embassy in Seoul.


The athlete may have been sent straight to Tehran's Evin jail, according to the BBC. This jail is well renowned for housing Iranian activists, artists, and intellectuals, earning it the moniker "the most intellectual prison in the world." Authorities said that a prison fire on Monday claimed the lives of at least eight prisoners. According to Mizan Online, the Iranian Judicial Authority's website, four injured detainees who were all found guilty of stealing "died in hospital, raising the death toll to eight."

The mobilizations remain halted one month after Mahsa Amini's passing. Even workers in the oil sector have joined the protest, which is specifically directed against the mullahs' government. Some believe it to be the start of a revolution, similar to how the shah's downfall in 1979 was sparked by a strike in this crucial industry.

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