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10 things about actor Jason David Frank

Who was Jason David Frank?

Actor and mixed martial artist Jason David Frank was well-known in Hollywood. His contributions to the franchises Tommy Oliver and Power Rangers have earned him widespread recognition. As the Green Ranger and Tommy Oliver, he appeared in 14 episodes. The creators of the Power Rangers television series later hired Jason David Frank to play the White Ranger and serve as the team's new leader after he had achieved such fame.

What caused Jason David Frank's death?

Everyone was startled by Jason David Frank's death. While some claim Jason David Frank is dead, there are still some rumours that he is still alive. The passing of renowned Hollywood actor Jason David Frank is a popular topic of discussion. Even now, Jason David Frank's followers and fans find it difficult to accept his death. Family members and acquaintances of Jason David Frank have confirmed that he is no more with us. According to sources, James David Frank's family and friends have not yet disclosed the exact cause of his passing.

10 things to know about Jason David Frank

1. He portrayed Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, and the White Ranger in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" from 1993 to 1996.

2. He played A.J. in "Sweet Valley High," Tommy Oliver/Zeo Ranger V Red in "Power Rangers Zeo," and Skull in "Family Matters" in 1996.

3. He portrayed Tommy Oliver/Red Turbo Ranger in the 1997 film "Power Rangers Turbo."

4. In the film "Undressed" in 2000, he portrayed Carl.

5. He was married to Shawna Frank from 1994 to 2001.

6. He married Tammie Frank in May 2003.

7. He performed the roles of Tommy Keen in "The Junior Defenders" and Fall Guy: The John Stewart Story in 2007.

8. He won four amateur MMA fights against Carlos Horn, James Willis, Chris Rose, and Jonathon Mack between January 2010 and May 2010. At "Texas Cage Fighting - Puro Combate 1" in Houston on August 4, 2010, he made his professional MMA debut, knocking Jose Roberto Vasquez with a rear-naked choke.

9. He portrayed Christopher Crammed in "Crammed 2: Hoaching" in 2011.

10. In 2013, while attending a Comic Con in New York, he challenged Anderson Silva to a sparring session and CM Punk to an MMA bout.

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