c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Andrew Tate and Jake Paul face off before a probable boxing match.
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Andrew Tate and Jake Paul face off before a probable boxing match.

Less than two weeks after earning his sixth professional boxing victory, Paul may now face Tate, a former kickboxer.

Tate, a four-time kickboxing world champion, has been baited for a battle with YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul ever since the latter gained unheard-of internet stardom at the start of this year. Paul faced off with Tate in a boxing facility in front of the YouTuber's manager Nakisa Bidarian, adding gasoline to the fire over the impending mega-fight.

Paul titled the video "negotiations," and a spokeswoman for Tate later told Mirror Fighting: "It's a fight the fans have been asking for and it's an event the world will remember. Negotiations have commenced between the two parties."

Tate has not competed in five years, but he would relish the opportunity to face Paul, who last month defeated Anderson Silva of the UFC, or his older brother Logan. Due to his divisive opinions, the 35-year-old has been the focus of media attention lately and has been banned from the social media sites TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Following his social media ban, Paul expressed his support for Tate. The former kickboxer also praised Paul for switching sports to boxing and referred to him as the best influencer to do so. Tate had previously suggested that a match with Logan was more likely than one with Jake because he would only fight someone he wanted to "hurt" again.

He told Mirror Fighting that "Logan and Jake are clearly on the cards, maybe more Logan than Jake." "I won't ever run out of relevance since I don't require credibility or money. For the duration of human history, I will be the most important voice for young men. I choose to fight because it's someone I want to hurt, therefore it's a personal choice for me. There is currently a lot of discussion going on with several alternative names."

Tate met with Paul's manager Bidarian back in August alongside his brother Tristan, who was also a former kickboxer, but he declined to discuss the details of their discussions. Tate has complimented Jake for standing up for what he believes in and believes Logan holds similar sentiments to his brother but is silent because he has been "bought and sold."

Tate continued, "Jake looks to be a person who is focused on his boxing profession and is making his own money; he isn't afraid of getting kicked off a YouTube channel." "Logan needs the algorithm to favour him and his small YouTube channel in order for him to succeed in his true profession, which he is doing seriously. Jake is speaking the truth about his beliefs, but he isn't permitted to say it because Logan is being bought and sold like a coward."

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