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Irene Bernasconi: Who is the theme of today's Google Doodle? First Argentine woman to head a marine expedition to Antarctica

Irene Bernasconi was born in La Plata and achieved a significant feat that placed her on the international stage. This is why she reminds him of it on November 7th.

Irene Bernasconi, a marine scientist who made her name studying echinoderms, was born in Argentina on November 7, 1896 (in La Plata).

Research and accomplishments of Irene Bernasconi

Irene Bernasconi led the first Argentinean marine biology mission to Antarctica in 1968.

On September 29, 1896, in La Plata, Argentina, Irene Bernasconi was born. With a focus on natural sciences, she graduated as a teacher in 1918. In the early 1920s, she started working at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales. On mollusks and marine invertebrates, she published her first scientific study in 1925.

She was the first echinoderm expert in Argentina and over a 55-year period, she oversaw the hunt for these creatures in the Argentinean sea. Although she focused on starfish for her primary research, she also sought for sea urchins and brittle stars.

More than 2,000 echinoderm specimens, as well as plant life and other living samples, were gathered by Bernasconi and her crew from the Antarctic ecosystem throughout the journey. They did this by setting nets and hooks in extremely chilly water while wearing diving gear.

The expedition's most significant find was a new family of echinoderms found in the arctic. The team received a commemorative medal from the Embassy for Women in America in 1969.

The National Directorate for Antarctica, the Argentine Antarctic Institute, and the Naval Hydrographic Service also honoured Bernasconi and his crew for their accomplishments on International Women's Day 2018—which also marked the polar expedition's 50th anniversary. With the creation of Bernasconi Cove, her name was added on Argentine maps of Antarctica.

The theme of today's Doodle honours Argentina's first echinoderm expert. Irene Bernasconi studied starfish and other marine life for more than 50 years.

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