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Love Island contestant Kaz Crossley was reportedly arrested in Dubai on suspicion of drug offences.

Kaz Crossley, Picture: Alamy

According to reports, Kaz Crossley, who participated in the ITV2 Love Island competition in 2018, was held at the airport in Abu Dhabi while waiting for a flight to Thailand.

At a party in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in November 2020, Crossley is said to have been seen on camera allegedly inhaling a white substance. This is the alleged reason behind Crossley's incarceration.

There is "zero tolerance for drug-related crime" in the UAE, according to the British government website. Even the slightest amount of illegal drug possession can result in a minimum three-month prison sentence or a fine of at least AED 20,000. No less than AED 50,000 [£4,561] and no more than AED 100,000 [£22,805].

Crossley, 28, was reportedly denied permission to contact her family while in custody. A source told The Sun that Crossley was anticipating returning to Thailand to continue her volunteer work and all of a sudden she's languishing in a Dubai jail. 

The insider claimed that when she stopped in Abu Dhabi for a connecting flight, the "reality star's name has certainly aroused a red signal." They said, "She was only permitted to send one email and was not even permitted to make a phone call." 

She sent a message to a specific acquaintance whose email address she could recall, asking her to inform her family that she was well but had been detained for drug-related offences. They had nothing on her that would have justified her arrest. It's all due to that video.

"We are giving consular assistance to a British national who was arrested in the United Arab Emirates and are in communication with the local authorities," a Foreign Office official said in a statement to Cosmopolitan UK.

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