c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Nadine Dorries will resign from her position as a member of parliament at the next election.
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Nadine Dorries will resign from her position as a member of parliament at the next election.

Nadine Dorries
Photo (Kirsty O’Connor PA Media)

Nadine Dorries expressed a stark warning about the Conservative Party's "terminal" poll numbers as she made her departure announcement. Ms. Dorries criticised Rishi Sunak's supporters in a recording that was made available prior to the show on Friday night's programme, claiming they were to blame for the Conservatives' declining support.

She also decried the "infighting" and "foolishness" of the Tories and asserted that Mr. Johnson had pleaded with her to stay. The elite, the so-called political intellectuals who seem to know more than everyone else you know who I'm talking about bet everything on a Rishi rebound, but it never emerged and it never would. She added.

The party was five points behind in the polls the day Boris was removed, and in the heat of a general election campaign, that polling deficit would have burnt like summer mist on an early morning lawn. "We are 24 points down today. And that, my friends, is what you may consider terminal. The party is left trapped and unable to escape, she added.

The MPs who drank Kool-Aid and ousted Boris Johnson are now asking, "Who's next? And I worry that the lack of unity, the factionalism, and occasionally the pure stupidity of individuals who believe that we might impeach a Prime Minister who is still in office and who received a bigger percentage of votes in 1997 than Tony Blair do not have the support of the general public. I worry that I must now stop engaging in this habit.

In the Conservative Party, "regicide is in our DNA," the former culture and media secretary told studio audiences, but she also said: "I think where we are today...how the party functions now I see no way." Fighting for what? Fight with who? People only fight in my party. She added that Boris Johnson pleaded with her not to leave, stating, "He doesn't want me to go."

She stated she had "done a lot of soul-searching" before making the decision and that she had decided to separate herself from the intra - party. "This is the worst, weakest, and least appealing situation a government could be in. The people who planned to unseat Boris Johnson could never have imagined that we would be in this situation right now. The Conservative poll numbers are worse now than they were in 1997, when Labour defeated them.

Sajid Javid, Matt Hancock, George Eustice, and Dehenna Davison, a minister, are further Tories who have made the decision to leave their positions in the next election.


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