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Explanation of Netflix movie Luther The Fallen Sun


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Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix is a good continuation of the original BBC series, and its action-packed conclusion hits the right note for character death. The BBC series Luther, which follows DCI John Luther, who will do whatever it takes to apprehend a criminal, is followed by Luther: The Fallen Sun. Following the conclusion of the original series, Luther is depicted in the Netflix movie as being behind bars, but the serial killer from Luther's past makes Luther escape jail to finish the job.

Fans of the first Luther series as well as newbies will find Luther: The Fallen Sun's plot to be well-structured and understandable. However it can be challenging to make out the connections between the series of events given how spectacular the Netflix movie's climax is.

What Actually Occurred to Luther: The End of the Falling Sun

There is a lot of action in Luther: The Fallen Sun's ending, leading up to David Robey's capture, the major antagonist of the movie. In the finale, DCI Odette Raine finds that Robey has abducted her daughter. She nearly turned Luther over to Robey in her desperation to win her back, but they decide to work together to defeat Robey and save Raine's daughter. Robey captures Raine and Luther and targets to torture them in the Red Bunker in exchange for Raine's daughter's safety. Robey leaves a fake corpse of Raine's daughter to irk Raine.

Luther's character (played by Idris Elba) ultimately uses Robey's escape strategy against him, and the two end up fighting in the wintry terrain. This causes a car collision, which results in Robey's arrest. After Robey is apprehended, Luther is told that he must return to prison but is instead taken to a safe house. The conclusion of Luther: The Fallen Sun shows Luther getting into a car with the officials as a free man after government representatives arrive to meet him.

Why Raine chooses to collaborate with Luther

Luther: The Fallen Sun's finale is approaching, and The kidnapping of DCI Raine's daughter Anya by Robey tests Raine's principles. Robey requests Raine to "handle with Luther" for him in exchange for securing Anya's safe return. Although Raine first makes it apparent that she intends to give Luther to Robey, she swiftly changes her mind and chooses to team up with Luther to bring Robey down. Raine has been adamantly opposed to Luther's involvement in this case throughout the entire movie, thus even if cooperating with Luther is in her best interests, it is not immediately clear why she changes her mind.

In Luther's finale, Raine chooses to team up with Luther to defeat Robey. The Falling Sun doesn't indicate that Raine noticed Luther. Instead, it's due to Luther's observation that if Raine accedes to Robey's demands, she will only be another pawn in his game, and she will be playing him. Luther is the lesser of two evils, and even though Raine still doesn't like him, cooperating with him gives Raine the best chance of bringing Anya back to her life.

The history of Robey and Georgette is explained

Robey is pictured visiting Georgette in Luther: The Fallen Sun, who is obviously traumatised due to her past. Although it's first unclear, the two do have some form of bond. Raine's computer screen, however, shows the reality. Robey and Georgette are married, and when Georgette decided to leave him and escape his crimes, he attempted to kill her in a home fire, much as he had done with his victims at the beginning of the movie. Robey claims Georgette perished, using the tragic tale to gain favour with the victims' families despite the fact that Georgette managed to survive with severe burns.

What was the red bunker Robey built in Luther: The Fallen Sun used for?

In the Netflix film Luther: The Fallen Sun, it is revealed in the conclusion that Robey has been abducting victims to torture and kill them live on camera as his followers vote on how the victims should die. Robey verifies this by referring to his live stream as "the red bunker" and claiming that his scheme was influenced by the actual urban legend of a "red room." Robey is a cruel antagonist who enjoys an audience. Robey feels better about possessing the same kinds of secrets that he blackmails others for having as a result of Red Bunker providing him with the affirmation. Because of this, Luther makes fun of Robey, which causes the villain to lose.

Luther: The Reason Behind Falling Sun's killer

Robey has been using his deepest secrets to blackmail others in the Netflix film Luther: The Fallen Sun because these people are frequently so ashamed that they will do anything to prevent their secrets from coming to light. Although Robey doesn't explicitly say why he did these things, Luther puts himself in Robey's position by revealing the truth about who he really is. The true motives behind why Robey targets risky people and performs these crimes are revealed by his response to Luther's teasing of him and his acts. Luther argues that the underlying reason behind Robey's acts in the streaming video is that, underneath all of his theatrical behaviour in committing these murders, he is just an anxious, pitiful man. Robey seeks out those who are similar to him as a form of self-punishment and as a way to feel in control since he is self-conscious about who he is and is concerned about his decisions.

In the conclusion of Fallen Sun, why didn't Luther return to prison?

Luther wakes up in a safe place rather than a prison following the events at the conclusion of Luther: The Fallen Sun. Soon after, a group of government representatives show there, and neither Luther nor Schenk know why they are there. After praising Luther for "a job well done," one of the authorities invites him to ride along with him by opening a car door, which Luther eventually accepts. It's thrilling that Luther won't be returning to prison after the Netflix film, but it's not clear why he's now out on the streets; it was immediately obvious after Robey was brought down that Luther would have to return to prison after finishing the assignment.

We can infer from his actions in the Robey case that Luther's offences were pardoned as a result of his actions. When the government representatives show up, Schenk speculates that the reason he went to visit Luther at the safe house was a "job offer," which would mean that the government considers Luther's abilities and dedication to be more valuable than his prior deeds. The Luther: Fallen Sun ending leaves the door open for more Luther adventures to come, whether or not Luther finds a new employment following the conclusion of the Netflix film.

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