c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Miley Cyrus Foundation Reacts to the Wisconsin Schools ban.
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Miley Cyrus Foundation Reacts to the Wisconsin Schools ban.

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A teacher at Waukesha, Wisconsin's Hayer Elementary School said earlier this week that the song "Rainbowland," a collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, had been taken off the performance. Waukesha Superintendent James Sebert stated in an email to Wisconsin Public Radio.

But, the Pleased Hippie Foundation, a charity that Cyrus established to aid homeless and LGBTQ+ youth, understands that self-acceptance is a universal need.

The group tweeted on Wednesday, "To the amazing first students of Heyer Elementary, keep being YOU. We really believe that you will help us all become more accepting and understanding by warding off judgement and fear.

The utopia that Cyrus and Parton envision on "Rainbowland" is devoid of the kind of hurt or hatred that would find trouble in a song about happiness. In the song, they sing, "Wouldn't it be lovely to live in heaven / Where we're free to be precisely who we are / Let's all search deep inside." I vow that no one will prevail, so put an end to judgement and fear, correct any mistakes, and put an end to the conflict.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with Sarah Schindler, a parent of a first-grader at Heyer Elementary, who revealed that the live performance of Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection" from "The Muppet Film" has also been cancelled. shows, swept away by what the administrators of the school had deemed "controversial." Nonetheless, Cyrus and Parton remain on the sideline, but Kermit was finally added back to the lineup.

"I understand that Miley Cyrus has a history of being in the public eye and talking about things like drug usage, sexuality, and other things. And Dolly Parton supports drag queens, which is another trend in our culture right now, said Schindler. "It seems that the administration, principals, and teachers are suddenly starting to rethink all of their decisions because of these harsh rules that have been enacted by our school board over the past two years."

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