c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Mystic Meg, one of the most famous astrology figures in the world, dies at the age of 80.
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Mystic Meg, one of the most famous astrology figures in the world, dies at the age of 80.

Margaret Lake (Mystic Meg)
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The 80-year-old TV astrologer Margaret Lake, better known as Mystic Meg, has passed away. In the 1990s, she was a well-known television personality who appeared in the National Lottery and spent more than 20 years penning horoscopes for the Sun. The publication reports that Lake, who was hospitalised with the flu last month, passed away in the early hours of Thursday.

She was without a doubt Britain's most well-known astrologer "by a million miles," "In that regard, nobody even came close to Meg. Millions of people in this country and all over the world followed her according to her agent Dave Shapland. 

If a politician, a representative of the entertainment industry, or a regular person on the street poses a challenging question, they will respond, "Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg? 

That shows her impact.

Uri Geller, a magician and illusionist, took the lead in the social media tributes to Mystic Meg and said that she was "so recognisable by name and image." "The classic fortune teller who inspired millions of followers with mystery and magic. She posed a challenge to both her supporters and the gloomy naysayers. He wrote, On your journey, Meg, I'm sending you lots of love and good vibes.

Victoria Newton, editor of The Sun, said: "This is dreadful news. An icon has gone. Mystic Meg has been a must-read column for more than 20 years, making her the most well-known astrologer in Britain. Our postal bag is evidence that she was a true professional whose advice benefited our readers on a daily basis.

The National Lottery show Mystic Meg Predicts, which broadcast on BBC One from 1994 to 2000, was hosted by Lake, who was born in 1942 in Lancashire. Mystic Meg performed a 45-second reading in which she attempted to foretell details about the upcoming lottery winner prior to the numbers being selected. The BBC dropped her regular role when the programme was redesigned in 1997, but the following year she made a cameo appearance in a sketch with presenter Bradley Walsh.

Mystic Meg's zodiac sign, based on astrological charts, was Leo. She has also published a number of books, including Mystic Meg's Lucky Numbers For Love Life And The Lottery and Mystic Meg's Astrolife. Mystic Meg is credited with luring a previous lottery winner into checking her ticket after she hid it in a cookie box next to her bed.

Prior to her death in 2011, she worked as an astrologer for the News of the World, and her prophecies have been reported in Australian and American periodicals. She used numerology, tarot, the I Ching, crystal balls, runes, and crystal balls in her practice.

After winning £9.3 million in 2004, Mary Jones, a mother of four from Gwynedd, North Wales, said: "Check your lottery ticket, it says in Mystic Meg, which I read in The Sun. I found it hard to believe. when I became aware that it had happened."

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