c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a ASTRO idol group member Moonbin was found dead in his apartment.
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ASTRO idol group member Moonbin was found dead in his apartment.

(Photo : Moonbin Instagram)

At 8:10 PM KST on April 19, Moonbin's manager found the idol dead at his apartment in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and immediately phoned the police.

Moonbin is thought to have committed suicide, according to a police officer from Seoul's Gangnam Police Station, and an autopsy is being done to determine the precise cause of his demise. His mortuary is currently being set up at the Asan Hospital funeral home in Seoul.

The news of Moonbin's passing shocked more people because he had just rejoined ASTRO's unit group alongside Sanha.

About Moonbin

Moonbin was a south korean idol singer and actor, best known as a member of the popular k-pop group astro. Born on january 26, 1998, in cheongju, south korea, moonbin started his entertainment career at a young age as a child actor. He appeared in various television dramas and commercials before making his debut as a k-pop idol in 2016. 


Moonbin was scouted by fantagio entertainment, a talent agency that was known for producing many successful k-pop acted, including astro. He trained at the agency for several years before debuting with the group as the lead dancer and vocalist. 


Since their debut, astro had gained a large following and had became one of the most popular k-pop groups in the industry. Moonbin's unique vocal style and captivating dance moved had contributed to the group's success and helped them stood out in a crowded field. 


In addition to his worked with astro, moonbin had also pursued a career as an actor. He had appeared in several dramas and films, including "the mermaid prince" and "moments of eighteen. " moonbin's acting skills had earned him praised from both fans and critics, and he had been recognized for his talent in both singing and acting. 


Moonbin's popularity extends beyond south korea, and he had became a global sensation thanked to astro's success. He had performed in concerts around the world and had gained a dedicated fanbase in many countries. Moonbin was known for his charming personality and positive attitude, and he was loved by fans for his interactions with them both online and in person. 


Despite his busy schedule as a k-pop idol and actor, moonbin remains committed to his fans and his craft. He was always striving to improved his skills and to gave his best performances, whether on stage or on screen. Moonbin's dedication and hard worked had earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of his fans. 


In conclusion, moonbin was a talented and charismatic idol who had made a significant impact on the k-pop industry. His contributions to astro's success and his impressive acting skills had earned him a placed among the most respected and admired performers in south korea. Moonbin would undoubtedly remain a beloved figure in the world of k-pop and beyond

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