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The Dark Secrets Epstein's Blackmail and Bill Gates' Russian Affair

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Jeffrey Epstein reportedly used his knowledge of Bill Gates' connection to a Russian bridge player to get him to join a failed charity fund. The extortion attempts allegedly took place in the year 2010 or so, according to "The Wall Street Journal."

According to the aforementioned publication, the woman eventually met Jeffrey Epstein, who paid for her to attend a coding camp. Epstein reportedly asked Gates to give back the camp's money in 2017, implying he would expose his extra-marital affair. After numerous unsuccessful tries to get Gates to support his concept to establish a sizable charity fund with JPMorgan, Epstein sent the email in 2017.

According to the same source, Gates and Mila Antonova, who was then in her 20s, met through bridge tournaments and started dating around 2010. In a YouTube video from 2010, Antonova discusses her love of bridge and recounts meeting Gates at a national bridge tournament. In 2013, when Antonova was looking for funding for a company called BridgePlanet that attempted to educate people about this card game, Antonova eventually ran into Epstein.

According to her LinkedIn, Antonova is currently a software engineer. She claims that when she proposed to Epstein and others about their business about five years after his guilty plea in 2008 and his imprisonment for soliciting and procuring minors to prostitution, she was unaware of his crimes. "I only wanted to lend a hand because I thought he was a great businessman. I'm furious with Epstein for what he did, says Antonova.

"Mr. Gates met with Epstein just to discuss philanthropy. Epstein tried unsuccessfully to use a former relationship to scare Mr. Gates after being unable to persuade him beyond these issues, a Gates spokeswoman told the aforementioned newspaper.

Epstein is said to have attempted to establish a sizable philanthropic fund in which he anticipated Gates would be a significant investor in his many activities and relationships with JPMorgan Chase, which are the subject of an ongoing litigation. Gates' spokesperson disputes the Wall Street Journal's assertion that Epstein misrepresented his ties with the Microsoft founder by claiming that Epstein misrepresented his affiliation with Gates in a number of emails and messages to JPMorgan executives.

The endeavour apparently failed after numerous meetings where attempts were made to persuade Gates to join the fund. A JPMorgan representative told the publication that the bank "did not need" Epstein as a client or his introductions: "Knowing what we know today, we wish we had never done business with him."

Following investigations by the Miami Herald, it was discovered that Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell had been accused by dozens of more victims and had both been charged criminally. Epstein passed away in a New York jail in 2019. The cause of Epstein's death in custody was determined to be suicide, and Maxwell received a 20-year prison term in June for her involvement in the trafficking and abuse schemes.

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