c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again during the press conference in Kentucky
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Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again during the press conference in Kentucky

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.,
center, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,
D-N.Y., left, andSenate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Jim Risch, R-Idaho, right, on July 27.

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the 81-year-old Republican senator from Kentucky, has once again made headlines for appearing to freeze during a press conference when asked about his plans for reelection in 2026. This is the second time in just over a month that McConnell has experienced this momentary inability to speak in public.

During the press conference in Covington, McConnell trailed off and paused after being asked about his reelection plans. After a brief silence, a staffer came to his aid and repeated the question on his behalf. McConnell remained silent for about 30 seconds before ultimately failing to provide an answer.

However, McConnell did manage to respond to two other questions during the press conference. When asked about Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's bid for governor, McConnell stated that he believed it would be a close race. When questioned about former President Donald Trump's indictment in Georgia, he declined to comment on the presidential race. In both instances, an aide stepped in to clarify the reporters' questions for the senator.

Stephanie Penn, a spokesperson for McConnell, claimed that the senator had felt "momentarily lightheaded" during the press conference. McConnell's office assured the public that he would consult a doctor before his next public appearance.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence during a news conference in the U.S. Capitol in July, where McConnell froze mid-sentence for around 30 seconds before being led away. However, McConnell reassured reporters that his health was not a concern and that he was fully capable of performing his duties.

Despite these health concerns, McConnell has continued to attend and speak at various events, including the recent Fancy Farm political picnic in Kentucky, where he assured attendees that it would not be his last appearance.

When asked about McConnell's latest incident, President Biden expressed his concern and stated that although they have political disagreements, McConnell is a good friend. He intended to reach out to McConnell later that day to check on his well-being.

These recent health issues faced by McConnell have brought attention to the aging members of Congress and raised questions about the process of replacing senators in Kentucky. The state recently passed a law in 2021 that requires the governor to choose from a list of three potential appointees selected by the departing senator's party in the event of a vacancy. This change occurred shortly after McConnell's successful reelection campaign.


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