c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Unpredictable Moves WWE Releases Dolph Ziggler Shelton Benjamin Amid New Merger And TV Deal
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Unpredictable Moves WWE Releases Dolph Ziggler Shelton Benjamin Amid New Merger And TV Deal


In a stunning turn of events, WWE has made a series of high-profile releases, including Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin, amidst a new merger and TV deal. This comes just one week after The Rock's highly anticipated return to SmackDown, overshadowing the previous wave of releases.

Dolph Ziggler, a former world champion and a staple in the company for nearly two decades, bids farewell to WWE. The latest round of roster cuts also includes Rick Boogs, Aliyah, Top Dolla, Emma, Riddick Moss, and Mustafa Ali, who confirmed the news on X. These cost-cutting measures coincide with the company's forthcoming TV deal with NBCUniversal, which is expected to significantly boost WWE's profits.

WWE has made the decision to release one of its longest-tenured stars, Dolph Ziggler. The news was reported by Fightful, leaving fans and fellow wrestlers in disbelief. Ziggler, who joined WWE in 2004 as part of the Spirit Squad, has had an illustrious career spanning almost two decades. He has won several titles and has been involved in some of the most memorable feuds in WWE history.

Arguably, Ziggler's biggest moment came in 2013 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to become the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Alberto Del Rio. Throughout his career, Ziggler has proven himself to be a true showstealer and a fan favorite. He is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and is one of only 33 Men's Triple Crown winners in WWE history. Recently, he even held the NXT Championship, showcasing his versatility and immense talent.

Upon hearing the news of Ziggler's release, fellow WWE stars took to social media to pay their respects. Former tag team partner Big E and legendary wrestler John Cena were among those who expressed their admiration for Ziggler and his contributions to WWE.

In addition to Ziggler, several other wrestlers have also been released by WWE. Shelton Benjamin, who has been with the company for many years, shared his gratitude for his time with WWE and expressed excitement for what lies ahead. Mustafa Ali, known for his high-flying style, also stated that he is no longer with WWE but is looking forward to the future. The talented Elias, known for his entertaining singing persona, announced his release and reminisced about the good times he had in WWE.

Emma, Riddick Moss, Aliyah, Dana Brooke, Rick Boogs, Top Dolla, Dabba-Kato, and Mace and Mansoor are among the other wrestlers who have been let go by WWE. Each of these individuals has made significant contributions to the company in their own unique ways, and fans will surely miss their presence.

While the news of these releases may come as a surprise to many, it is important to remember that the world of professional wrestling is constantly evolving. Wrestlers come and go, but their impact is felt long after they move on to new chapters in their careers. It is certain that all of these talented individuals will find success wherever they go next, and their legacies within WWE will not be forgotten.

Under the new TV deal, Friday Night SmackDown will return to USA in October 2024 as part of a five-year agreement worth a staggering $287 million per year. This represents a 40% increase compared to their previous deal with Fox. However, the increase falls short of the optimistic 150% increase projected by WWE CEO Nick Khan. The announcement of the deal resulted in a 14% drop in TKO's shares.

Critics have taken aim at WWE for cutting hundreds of staff members despite sitting on a cash reserve of over $500 million. These cost-cutting measures have become standard practice for the company throughout the pandemic and the lead up to its sale. With the recent merger, more cost cuts are expected as Endeavor, the new parent company, seeks to pay off its $3.2 billion debt from acquiring UFC. Reports suggest TKO aims to cut $50 million to $100 million in costs to enhance profitability.

While fans may speculate that these released stars may find their way to AEW, the rival promotion is also facing its own challenge of contract renewals. AEW has recently secured multi-year deals with The Elite, and it is rumored that these contracts come with lucrative terms. As high-profile contracts in AEW near their expiration, the promotion may also face a talent exodus.

Overall, the recent releases in WWE, coupled with the new merger and TV deal, have sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling industry. As the landscape continues to evolve, fans and analysts anxiously await the next moves for these released stars and the future direction of both WWE and AEW.

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