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Travis Kelce Criticizes Excessive NFL Coverage of Taylor Swift

(Photo:Michael Conroy/AP)

Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has expressed his belief that the NFL is going a bit overboard with its coverage of Taylor Swift. The pop star and Kelce have been at the center of media attention due to dating rumors, with Swift attending two Chiefs games recently. Famous friends like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman have also been spotted in the stands with her, which has led to frequent shots of Swift during NFL broadcasts.

During a podcast with his brother Jason, Travis was asked whether he thought the NFL was overdoing it. He responded by saying that while he thinks it's fun to show who is at the game, the NFL is indeed going a bit too far, especially in his situation. He believes they are trying to have fun with it, but they should tone it down a bit.

Travis also mentioned that celebrities attending games are not there to be constantly shown on TV. He compared it to basketball games, where celebrities are shown once or twice before the focus goes back to the game. According to Jason, the NFL should take a similar approach and not go overboard with showcasing A-list celebrities in the stands.

In response to the podcast, the NFL released a statement defending their coverage of Swift. They stated that they frequently update their content based on what's happening culturally, and the Swift and Kelce news has been a popular cultural moment. They believe it's an intersection of sport and entertainment and have seen a lot of positivity surrounding it. The NFL clarified that while Swift has received coverage, the majority of their content remains focused on the game, players, and various other initiatives.

During the Chiefs' game against the Jets, the coverage early on heavily featured Swift's attendance. The game's announcers welcomed Swifties to the game, and Carson Daly presented a video package introducing Swift fans to the NFL game and providing information about Kelce. It was filled with puns based on Swift's song titles and set to her song "Welcome to New York." After the Chiefs scored their first touchdown, the camera immediately cut to Swift hugging those around her.

Looking ahead, the Chiefs will be playing the Minnesota Vikings on October 8. The question remains whether Swift will be in the bleachers for that game as well.

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