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Jennette McCurdy reveals that she was jealous of Ariana Grande in "Sam and Cat"

Jennette McCurdy reveals that she was jealous of Ariana Grande in "Sam and Cat" Jennette McCurdy assures that the production had a preference for Ariana Grande and remembers that it was an encounter between her partner and Tom Hanks that destroyed her.

Actress Jennette McCurdy, one of the protagonists of the Nickelodeon series Sam and Cat, assured that she felt jealous of her partner Ariana Grande, and reproached that the singer was allowed to look for other job opportunities while she was given them. they denied. In revelations she makes in her book "I'm glad my mom died", 

which went on sale this August 9, the 30-year-old actress wrote:

"Do I have to turn down movies while Ariana is away at the Billboard Music Awards? To hell with this"

In her book, she insists that the production did not give him permission to record episodes at other times, while Ariana Grande received different treatment.

And she explained that the episode that bothered him the most was when she found out that Ariana had been absent from the series to play "charades" at Tom Hanks' house.

Who is Jennette McCury? 

Jennette McCurdy was one of the most famous and acclaimed young actresses during her time at Nickelodeon and the great productions she starred in as iCarly and Sam & Cat. Before reaching her peak, McCurdy was already famous for her appearances in productions such as Malcolm in the Middle, Zoey 101 and CSI, she even participated in films such as Hollywood Homicide with Harrison Ford and starred in the series Strong Medicine.

She recently gave something to talk about after revealing the cover of her memoir entitled I'm Glad My Mom Died or I'm glad my mom died, in which she tells her personal story, the relationship she had with her mother before died and the way she exploited her as a child.

After the death of her mother, McCurdy decided to retire from the screen and since then she began to feel ashamed for so many wasted years in acting and the type of roles she had.

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