c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a A shocking new biography asserts that Asia Argento texted Anthony Bourdain hours before his suicide
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A shocking new biography asserts that Asia Argento texted Anthony Bourdain hours before his suicide

A shocking new biography asserts that Asia Argento texted Anthony Bourdain hours before his suicide asking him to stop "busting his balls."

She complained that she had been found flirting with a French journalist in a hotel where they had shared precious memories after complaining about her "possessiveness" and ending their relationship.

Down and Out in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain, a new biography of Bourdain and the first "unauthorised" book published after his passing, finally makes the texts public.

In 2018, while filming on location for his popular CNN series Parts Unknown, Bourdain hung himself in a hotel room in France.

The TV personality received a lot of compassion from the general public, who applauded her for overcoming addiction to start a great career and for being modest and down to earth.

That idea of Bourdain as the populist hero is contested by the book. He claims that in addition to abusing steroids and alcohol, he also had affairs with prostitutes.

In a text message to his ex-wife, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, he complained: 'I hate my fans too. I hate being famous. I hate my job. I am alone and live in constant uncertainty.’

The turbulent relationship between Bourdain and Asia Argento is extensively covered in the biography. She told him to stop "busting his balls" about being seen with another man in his last text message.


'I'm fine. I am not spiteful. I am not jealous that you have been with another man. I don't belong to you You are free.

'As I've said before. As I promised. As I really meant. But you were careless. You were reckless with my heart. My life.'

Argento – 'I can't handle this'.

Bourdain – ‘Is there anything I can do?

Argento – ‘Stop breaking my balls’

Bourdain – 'Okay'

Additionally, the book contains Bourdain's emails, computer search history, and text messages, all of which shed light on his difficult relationship with Argento.

She had broken up with him, citing his 'possessiveness' over her.

Photos of the Italian actress dancing with journalist Hugo Clement in the lobby of Rome's Hotel de Russie, where she and Bourdain had fond memories, broke Bourdain's heart.

He conducted "hundreds" of further online searches for her name, according to the book.

In their final text exchange, he asked, 'Is there anything I can do?'

She replied: 'Stop breaking my balls.

He replied: 'OK' and killed himself hours later.

Asia Argento and Bourdain's family have already called the book into question and charged Leershen with numerous falsehoods.

About Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Michael Bourdain (June 25, 1956 – June 8, 2018) was an American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition.Bourdain was a 1978 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and a veteran of many professional kitchens during his career, which included several years spent as an executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles in Manhattan. He first became known for his bestselling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000).

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