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Aaron Judge ties Babe Ruth 60 home runs record

Aaron Judge gives his 60th huge home run of the year in the MLB and ties Babe Ruth

In what promises to be an imperative season inside Major League Baseball (MLB), Aaron Judge hit the 60th home run of the 2022 season with the New York Yankees, ending up being just the third player in foundation history to show up at the engraving. He similarly got the fire going for a stunning bounce back that Giancarlo Stanton fixed with a gigantic grand slam four players later.

Judge turned out to be only the third player in Yankees history to hit 60 home runs. Babe Ruth was the first to accomplish it during the 1927 season, while Maris broke that imprint in 1961.

Judge's homer puts him only another homer away from tying Roger Maris for the record for most homeruns hit by an American League player, an imprint set in the 1961 season.

Judge's homer put him as the batting leader in the majors, setting the player in a serious conflict to battle for the batting triple crown in the Major League . The last one who sorted out some way to be the trailblazer in typical, huge home runs and RBI in the majors was the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera during 2012.

Judge is just the sixth major league player to hit at least 60 home runs in a single season, a group that includes:

Barry Bonds - 73 in 2001 

Mark McGwire - 70 in 1998 

Sammy Sosa - 66 in 1998 

Mark McGwire - 65 in 1999

Sammy Sosa - 64 in 2001 

Sammy Sosa - 63 in 1999 

Roger Maris - 61 in 1961 

Babe Ruth 60 in 1927 

Aaron Judge - 60 in 2022

As per projections, Judge would be en route to breaking the record and setting the imprint at 66 full-round clubs, a figure that would wind up tying Sammy Sosa when he hit that sum in 1998.

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