c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Why Margot Robbie was 'embarrassed' when Barbie photographs became a web sensation?
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Why Margot Robbie was 'embarrassed' when Barbie photographs became a web sensation?

Seems like life in plastic isn't fabulous all the time.

During the Sept. 19 episode of The Tonight Show, Margot Robbie felt completely embarrassed after she and Ryan Gosling were shot in their matching neon rollerblade outfits while shooting a scene for their new Barbie film.

"I can't let you know how embarrassed we were coincidentally," the 32-year-old entertainer told late-night host Jimmy Fallon while exploring the photographs. "It seems as though we're chuckling, having a good time, yet all the same biting the dust inside. I told myself, "This is the most humbling moment of my life."

Robbie, who plays Barbie, and Gosling, who plays Ken, were shooting a scene in Los Angeles in June. And keeping in mind that the Me, Tonya star anticipated that there should be paparazzi and a couple of crowds of individuals, conceding they stood 'apart a piece in those outfits' - she hadn't expected that there would be such countless onlookers or that the photographs of her and Gosling in ensemble would become viral online.

"I realized there would be some consideration and some photographs would most likely get out there, yet not the manner in which they did," she said. "It was, similar to, insane. It was, similar to, many people watching."

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