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Dumbo was possibly his final project with Disney : Tim Burton

While working for Disney, according to Burton, he discovered how similar he was to Dumbo.

Director Tim Burton has explained why his live-action adaptation of Dumbo will probably be the last movie he does for Disney.

According to Deadline, Burton discussed this subject during a media briefing at the Lumière Festival in Lyon, France, where he was presented with the Prix Lumière. For those who are unaware, this award honours a member of the film industry for their achievements to the industry.

After Disney saw Burton's work on Stalk of the Celery Monster at CalArts, they hired him. He began his career as an animation trainee and worked his way up to become one of Disney's most renowned directors. But it appears that his time on Dumbo helped him realise that he might be done with Disney for good.

Burton remarked, "My story is that I began there. "Throughout my time working there, I was hired and fired a number of times. The issue about Dumbo is that I believe my Disney days are over because I came to terms with the fact that I was Dumbo and that I was working in a horrible big circus and needed to flee. On some level, that movie is really autobiographical.

Burton also discussed how Disney has become somewhat "homogenised" and that it's unlikely that even an offer to direct a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be enough to convince him to return since "he can only deal with one universe" and can't "deal with a multi-universe."

Disney has "become quite homogenous, very consolidated," according to Burton. "There is less room for different kinds of things."

Even while he might not be working with Disney anytime soon, his fans will soon be able to watch his work on the Netflix series Wednesday, which premieres on November 23 and centres on the Addams Family member Wednesday Addams.

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