c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Margot Robbie explains the viral photos of her appearing to sob in front of Cara Delevingne's house.
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Margot Robbie explains the viral photos of her appearing to sob in front of Cara Delevingne's house.


Some photos of Margot Robbie from last September surfaced a few months ago, allegedly showing the actress sobbing as she left the home of her friend and colleague, Cara Delevingne. Everyone was convinced that the actress was sobbing in agony at the doors of her friends house after the pictures quickly went viral on social media and in the media. Barbie's lead character recently emphasized that it was a mistake and that she "was not crying."

In a Vanity Fair interview, Robbie made it clear that nothing that was mentioned about those images was real and that they were just snapped at an embarrassing and terrible time. She wasn't even at Cara Delevingne's house, as was reported in the media, the actress said.

The actress who plays Harley Quinn claimed that her mother called her anxiously to inquire about her and her friend's well-being following the media's publication of these photos. "I said, "First off all, yes and yes." In addition, I'm not at Cara's house. I am in front of the Airbnb that I leased for five days. I'm also not crying. I had a something in my eye. I was attempting to remove my mask and hold a cup of coffee, but I was unable to remove a hair from my eye "She gave details.

Prior to becoming an actress, Robbie stated that she had always believed everything the media reported. However, she later learned that the media occasionally reported unverified information, such as the announcements of her purported pregnancies when she had never been expecting. The actress has stated that she has come to terms with the fact that you cannot disprove every hoax and that she has grown accustomed to the false reports that the media fabricates, doing her best to ignore them.

"It is something you wish to fix but are unable to. You need to, I don't know, move away from the situation "According to Robbie, The actress was very open and honest about her media appearances, admitting that she becomes anxious about interviews that are meant to advance her career. "Given that they only have three minutes, they simply want audio cuts, which is not what troubles me. But it's like tap dancing in a minefield—you have to be constantly on alert, you're exhausted from hours of practice, and it's dangerous. No matter how many times you say something correctly, if you make a mistake, it's game over "Robbie commented.

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