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Neco Williams is only permitted to continue playing for 12 MINUTES before being replaced.

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Neco Williams, a defender for Wales, begs the medical staff to let him continue and expresses his concern when Marcus Rashford's stinging strike to the head finally forces him to leave the World Cup play against England.

Neco Williams, a defender for Wales, was sent off during the World Cup match against England after being struck in the head by Marcus Rashford.

Early in the first half in Qatar, the right-back for Nottingham Forest blocked a vicious shot from Rashford.

The play was stopped after he struck him in the head, but Williams was initially given the all-clear to resume playing by the Dragons medical team.

Williams persisted for a considerable amount of time before collapsing once more and the Welsh medical team intervened to take control of the situation.

The 21-year-old was desperate to continue playing in what would be his final game at the 2022 World Cup after Wales was eliminated following a 3-0 loss to rivals UK.

Williams was seen pleading to remain on the field, but Connor Roberts eventually took his place.

It was similar to what happened when England faced Iran in their opening match, when Alireza Beiranvand took a horrific knock to the head and played on until being taken off.

FIFA regulations state that if there is even the slightest possibility that a player has had a concussion, they must be taken off the field of play and are not permitted to return.

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