c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Police question Kieran Hayler, Katie Price's ex-husband, on suspicion of harassment.
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Police question Kieran Hayler, Katie Price's ex-husband, on suspicion of harassment.

Kieran, 35, was interrogated at Worthing Police Station in Sussex and was released after the interrogation.

His spokesperson told MailOnline that since Kieran had helped the police with their inquiries, there should be no additional consequences.

However, when contacted by MailOnline, his ex-wife Katie Price's agent refuted this account of what happened.

The former spouses, whose three-year divorce was finally finalised in June, have been at odds for months.

They have a daughter named Bunny who is six and a son named Jett who is seven.

Speaking in her Channel 4 documentary Katie Price: Trauma And Me, the former model said her already tense relationship with Kieran ended, limiting her access to her two youngest children.

The hardest thing I've had to cope with recently, according to Katie, is having restricted access to my kids. "Recent events have caused me to visit my younger children less frequently, and our connection has soured," she said.

She continued, "It's not healthy for their mental health, and it's definitely not good for mine." Their mother ought to be a part of their lives. It frustrates me that Jett and Bunny and I are currently in this rut.

Seven months have passed; how did we get here? It's tragic, and I just wish it weren't this way. I can only hope that it won't last forever.

It was reported in August that Katie and Kieran were at odds over an online video of their daughter Bunny. After Kieran watched a video of his kid enjoying a lollipop, which the glitzy ex-model has now removed, "alarm bells" reportedly started to ring.

In the three-minute clip, Bunny eats a lollipops while referring to it as an ASMR video. ASMR videos, also known as autonomic sensory meridian response videos, are said to help people relax or fall asleep because they contain sounds that have similar effects on the body. By concentrating on auditory, tactile, or visual stimuli, ASMR is brought on in an unconscious manner. These triggers frequently take the form of personal attention, such as getting a massage or having your hair brushed, as well as hearing quiet noises like pats or whispers.

When Katie sent a "despicable and mean" message about Michelle Penticost in June, she was in violation of a restraining order against Michelle. However, Katie was able to get out of jail by claiming she had "misunderstood" the terms of the order.

After Katie admitted to the breach in which she texted Kieran calling Michelle Penticost a "gutter s**g," Kieran and Michelle said they were "very unhappy" by the decision.

After launching a vulgar "abuse tirade" at Michelle during a schoolyard argument, the former I'm A Celeb star was prohibited from communicating with her for five years in June 2019. Tell your c***ing w***e piece of shit girlfriend not to start with me, read the text message that was sent to Kieran in violation of the court's injunction.

"She has a restraining order; thus, she shouldn't try to annoy me because she's in violation and I'm sure she doesn't want others to know she was having an affair with you behind my back. that great s**g. According to testimony given in court, Michelle's Instagram post, which she said was directed at Katie, may have been the cause of her message to Kieran.

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