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Scream VI: what we know so far about the frightening Ghostface saga's newest instalment

The success of "Scream (2022)" as a box office draw provided the assurance required to approve "Scream VI." New additions (and absences) to this sequel, which will carry on Wes Craven's saga, have been made public since it was confirmed a few months ago.

The background

We will learn what happened to the lives of the survivors from the previous movie as the fifth part of the series will be continued in this one. Currently, all that is known about the group is that they are leaving Woodsboro and moving to New York. However, it is easy to imagine that Ghostface will eventually find a way to return, no matter how far they manage to flee.

The "most violent Ghostface we've ever seen" will appear in this sixth edition, according to Jenna Ortega, who also claims that it will be bloodier.

The Cast

On the one hand, it will have the same young cast members that made it through the previous film's events: Malcolm Gooding, Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Jenna Ortega. Neve Campbell announced that she had declined to appear in this sixth chapter and gave her reasons, therefore only Courteney Cox will play a classic character in the tale. Tony Revolori ('Spiderman Homecoming') and Samara Weaving ('Wedding Night') are the most recent to join.

Skeet Ulrich will play Billy Loomis, and Hayden Panettiere will reprise his role as Kirby Reed. They will also appear inside Dermot Mulroney's (Shameless), Henry Czerny's (Wedding Night), Jack Campion's (Avatar: The Sense of Water), Devyn Nekoda's (Degrass)i, Josh Segarra's (Arrow), Max Laferriere's (Jack Ryan), Thomas Cadrot's (Nancy Drew), and Liana Liberato's (If I Decide to Stay).

The Crew

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who directed the previous film, as well as James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, who wrote the script, return. The production will feature participation from Paramount and Spyglass, with a focus on David Villella and Kevin Williamson, the original films' scriptwriters (third member of Radio Silence, the production company of the directors).

The movie, which will take place in New York during the winter, has already ended production, and some images from the Montreal set have been released online.
The new release date is March 10, 2023.

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