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The Italian Federation's Appeals Commission made the announcement on Juventus' punishment on Friday afternoon for irregularities in their player signing accounting procedures. Those from Turin were penalised in Serie A, losing 15 points and falling from third to tenth. Additionally, its managers were subject to harsh penalties.

The "Vecchia Signora" is back in the headlines for fraudulent behaviour in Europe, this after inflating their financial balances by changing the signings' valuations to circumvent financial fair play, which regulates the costs incurred by European teams when making transfers.

After the penalty and the deduction of 15 Juventus units, Massimiliano Allegri's side, who had been in third place in Serie A with 37 points, dropped to tenth place with 22 points. The Bianconeri were now 12 units far from the Champions League spots, which made the Italians' international claims more difficult.

The punishment includes more than just the team's scores being deducted; it also includes the expulsion of the team's present and former leaders from all football-related positions.

Fabio Paratici, former director of sports who is currently with Tottenham, received a 2 1/2 year suspension. The sentence is one year and four months for Maurizio Arrivabenne, who is now in office. Andrea Agnelli, the organisation's former president, will be given two years in prison. Pavel Nevded, a former soccer player who also held the position of sports director, received an 8-month punishment in the end.

This is not Turin's first incident; in 2006, Juventus received a 30 point deduction for "refereeing influence," dropping them to the Italian Second Division. They also removed the titles they had earned in 2005 and 2006.

Juventus has 30 days to file an appeal to the Guarantee College of the Olympic Committee, thus the punishment is not yet final.

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