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Kari Lake says if she is not made Arizona Governor, America will resemble Venezuela.


Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Kari Lake, a failed candidate for governor of Arizona, said in a Friday interview that if she is not elected, the America will turn into Venezuela.

In a conversation with far-right student agitator Charlie Kirk, the Republican who is supported by Donald Trump raised the spectre of a Venezuelan America.

In November, Lake was defeated by Democrat Katie Hobbs; the result was verified, and Hobbs was elected. Lake also dropped an appeal after losing a court fight last month in which he had contested the election results.

Lake asserted in the interview that there was "a tonne of evidence in our favour." "We simply need a judge to wake up and see what is at risk in this situation. If we don't immediately restore fair elections, our nation will turn into Venezuela. Our elections resemble those in Venezuela, and that is how a nation can be destroyed.

Ironically, authoritarian leadership is more common in Venezuela than in a democracy like the US when someone who was not elected in a democratic election rises to power.


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