c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Warriors star Stephen Curry was expelled after tossing his mouthguard.
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Warriors star Stephen Curry was expelled after tossing his mouthguard.

Stephen Curry is not renowned for getting too many technical fouls or getting into heated disagreements with opposing players as some of his Golden State teammates do. Because of this, he attracts notice every time the great Warriors shooter makes an appearance in one of those scenarios. And much more if it is a heated matchup like the one his club has against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

The truth is that Curry was dismissed from a game by the referees midway through the fourth quarter, and the reason was the same as it was for his previous ejection: he aggressively tossed his mouthpiece.

Curry constantly uses the aforementioned protector, as is well known, although on occasion he goes beyond what the referees perceive to be acceptable bounds. The ironic part is that Stephen's rage was not caused by his own error, but by one of his teammates, Jordan Poole, who chose to attempt a hurried three-pointer rather than pass the ball to him.

Curry scored 34 points overall, which was equal to Klay Thompson's 24 in the winning effort. Curry also had the game's highest scoring total. Furthermore, Jordan Poole (21 points and 7 assists) was able to atone for the error that caused Stephen expulsion and ended up scoring the winning double, with barely a second left.

In a game like this, Memphis must figure out a way to keep from turning into a one-man Morant.

The Warriors, on the other hand, have plenty of work to do (even without Curry) to earn those hot tickets, and they recently defeated the Grizzlies that they had on hand. They eliminated them in the most recent Playoffs, and they are 2-0 in their opening two games this season.

Memphis has now lost four straight games and is beginning to fall behind Denver in the race for the Western Conference's top spot.

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