c994d02922b4f232d0dcff70499775a7084fa52a Insider reveals new information about Chris Rock.
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Insider reveals new information about Chris Rock.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock and Will Smith.
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Chris Rock admits that the Oscars incident where Will Smith slapped him in front of millions of viewers still hurts, but he still seems to want to continue making fun of the Smiths. Instead of attempting to diffuse the situation, the comedian most recently appeared in a live Netflix special where he opened up about the encounter with the actor and strongly criticised the couple's relationship. According to sources close to Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, the comedian has had a 30-year obsession with the actress.

"Everyone knows what happened to me when Smith hit me. Everyone is aware. He hit me about a year ago, and people ask, "Does it hurt?" It still hurts. I can't get Summertime" keeps playing in my head " Rock said this during the live broadcast of the Selective Outrage comedy special in front of a crowd at Baltimore's Hippodrome Theater.

Chris furiously explained on the comedy show that Will Smith had slapped him because he had grown tired of hearing remarks about his open marriage and about his wife, who had once admitted to having an affair with rapper August Alsina, a friend of his son Jaden, in 2015. The comedian clarified throughout the performance, alluding to the Red Table Talk episode in which Will appeared alongside Jada Pinkett and she opened up about her relationship with the young rapper in 2015.

After making these claims that were featured in his new comedy show, the Smiths' environment defended themselves by claiming that the monologist was "obsessed with Jada for decades." Jada had nothing to do with the conflict between Chris and her husband, according to a source close to her; "She hasn't participated in any of this other than to hear boos. It had been over 30 years since Chris first became fixated on her." 

The comedian chose to record his Netflix special in Baltimore, the city where Will's wife was born and raised. "He is obsessed," say those close to the Smiths. The same sources said they "were astonished by the number of times Chris used the word vixen when referring to Jada," according to People magazine.The source stated that she never urged Chris not to present the Oscars, despite the showman's complaints during the show; rather, "he has always publicly backed him to be the one presented at the gala."

Source stated that Will Smith's wife is concentrating on starting her next book and moving forward with her life. Jaden, who is also an actor, and Willow are the couple's two kids, and they have been married since 1997. Trey, a child from a previous marriage, is Smith's additional son. Smith also has another son from a previous marriage named Trey.

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