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Taylor Swift announces her new album

Taylor Swift announces her new album during her speech at the MTV VMAs:

It was at that glorious moment that Taylor Swift took the stage at the Prudential Center pavilion in Newark to give her acceptance speech for winning the award for best video for the ten-minute version of her song "All too well." The singer took advantage of her moment during the 39th edition of the MTV VMAs 2022 to, before the cries of her thousands of fans, announce what many of us expected: The details of the release of her tenth studio album.

With this announcement comes a lot of details that have brightened up the night for its followers, starting with its title, "Midnights", and continuing with its release date, on October 21.

It should be clarified that the album will receive this name -"Midnights" because it is responsible for collecting thirteen stories that have emerged after a sleepless night. That is why thirteen is the number of songs that we will hear in it, a journey through terror and sweet dreams, just as the artist herself describes.

"Midnights" arrives two years after her latest releases, "Evermore" and "Folklore", not to mention Taylor's version of her legendary albums "Fearless" and "Red", with which the artist continues to reinterpret songs from the first stage of her musical career and whose rights she lost with the sale of her original record company.

Although now is the time to receive new material, these thirteen songs whose titles we do not know. At the moment, because taking into account that there are less than two months left for its launch and seeing how excited the singer is with this launch, it is more than likely that we will soon know even more details.

It seems that Taylor Swift has not slept very well in recent months, but that has helped her to take the positive side of things and know how to invest those dead hours during the night so as not to stop composing her new lyrics. For this reason, during her speech, the soloist wanted to return to her audience all the love received during these last two years with the announcement of this new album: "I wouldn't have been able to re-record my album if it weren't for you", she explained about the stage prize in hand, "You have been so generous that I thought this would be a good time to announce that my new album will arrive on October 21," she recounted to the incredulity of those present.

As soon as midnight arrived, that "Midnights" moment for the artist, Taylor published the album cover, as well as a temporary tracklist of the vinyl edition, in which we can check how they are distributed: "We stay awake, in love and with fear, with confusion and crying", wrote the singer accompanying the image, "We will remain looking at the walls and drinking until someone answers us".

She wanted to describe the concept of her new work as a collection of songs that have been composed in the middle of the night, becoming a journey through dreams and terrors. It is dedicated to all those who, like her, have had trouble falling asleep and have decided to face the problem on the positive side. Or at least trying.

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