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The release of Midnights, an album that recounts the artist's thirteen restless nights in thirteen songs, was announced after the artist won the MTV Video Music Awards Best Video of the Year award.

The soloist of notable successes like Love Story or Blank Space promoted five themes prior to the release of this album, which is already here: resentment toward oneself, fantasies of retribution, doubting about decisions made and trains missed, falling in love, or collapsing. This new endeavour feels just like the opposite side of the Daylight coin, a Side B that cannot exist without the A. Taylor does not deceive us in this regard.

"Meet me at midnight"

In Lavender Haze, the album's opening track and the song that best exemplifies the project's musical range, Taylor Swift expresses love with exactitude: Far from pianos, bowed string instruments, and acoustic sounds.

In Lavender Haze, she describes the sensation of "being in a cloud" that comes with the early stages of being in love, alluding to the beginning of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. She expresses her wish to maintain this state as long as she can, oblivious to the opinions of others.

"Midnight Rain"

The opening moments of Midnight Rain catch you completely off guard. She uses autotune to start a conversation with her conscience about a relationship that was doomed from the start by unmet expectations and their insurmountable differences. In her chorus, Taylor uses lyrics like "he wanted a girlfriend, I was building my own name" and "he was the sunlight and I was the midnight rain, he wanted comfort and I wanted that pain." 

The last stage

On the album's final half, we once more hear a lot of musical experimentation in songs like Karma and Sweet Nothing (a song in which she once more collaborates with Joe Alwyn for its creation). On the one hand, Karma starts with what sounds like a radio without a signal and swiftly changes into a joyful and vivacious melody where Taylor once more shows off the range of her voice by using a lot of falsetto and blown voice. However, from the perspective of the warmth and sweetness that permeate the entire song—where the piano and voice take centre stage to discuss daily life and the dynamics in their relationship—Sweet Nothing is reminiscent of Invisible String. This is because the song is a haven in which one can feel completely safe.

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